How To Register At is a mobile cloud technology that makes many things available for you. It helps in overcoming the constraints faced by game developers and gamers. The roblox platform lets you play your favorite games using any device.

It also overcomes the problem faced by using any particular operating system. The geographical location can also not hinder you with This platform eases the accessibility and shareability of games.

You can play games based on different themes like role-playing games, puzzle games, simulation games, adventure games, etc. Register at and browse through a library of thousands of games.

The platform is beneficial for both the game developers as well as for the gamers. This cloud technology does not even charge a penny for all this. 

Register at

register at

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to register at

  • For starters, visit Now Studio and click “Register as a developer.
  • After that, you’ll be taken to for developers. You’ll again have to select “Register as a developer.
  • You must complete a form with your information on the following page. They primarily use your email address to get in touch with you. Thus you should provide a valid email address.
  • Click on the Submit button after filling in the details. You can see the submit button at the end of the form.
  • You will receive a confirmation message after submitting the form. The message states that the developer support representative will contact you soon.
  • They will verify the details filled in by you. After that, they will send you a confirmation mail to your email address. 
  • You can now get access to Now Studio. Just login to add your game or application.
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Pros of For Gamers

  • makes sure you play your favorite games using any device. It does not demand you to play games only on mobile phones.
  • The platform also gives you a very smooth and faster gaming experience.
  • It does not comprise the graphic of games. provides you access to the games in high resolution.
  • It also eliminates the problem of storage space. Gamers could enjoy games without installing them.

Benefits of for Game Developers

  • The game developers can access platforms where they can create their games.
  • It ensures a higher revenue for them. It brings considerable organic improvement from social sharing as well as SEO rankings.
  • The platform also provides various opportunities for promotion. It is very necessary to increase visibility.
  • It can also boost User retention and brand recall. It is possible irrespective of the genre of the game. 

If this is exciting to you, then we have a lot for you to offer. To enjoy the features of, you need to register account. The game developers can create their games at Now Studio.

Then your game will be listed on But before that, one needs to register account as a developer.

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How Is Better Than Other Mobile Cloud Technologies?

There are various mobile cloud gaming platforms like Xbox Cloud Gaming, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, etc. But beats all of them. Some of these platforms ask you to pay through a subscription. While some face compatibility issues depending on the devices.

Also Read:  Easy Ways To Fix Roblox Error is exclusively a mobile gaming cloud technology. Thus, it focuses on offering its users the most inclusive control system. Unlike its competitors, games on come with schemes for keyboard and mouse.

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All the gaming platforms work on improving the gaming experience of their users. But also emphasizes marketing the games developed by users. is free, but there can be some in-app purchases. For easy payments, supports different methods of payment.

It provides several opportunities for monetization to its developers. also ensures higher margins on the current revenue.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it safe to play games using

A. is safe for playing all kinds of games. The platform follows all the norms and regulations. When you play games on, you don’t need to download the games. uses its servers of powerful computers to mitigate the risk of online fraud. Though, it is always advisable to stay safe while making online payments. 

Q. How to market games on

A. ensures a smooth gaming experience and helps market the games. The users can access the games by clicking on the tailored links and ads.

After this, they are redirected to a new tab where they can start playing. Users are not required to install the games. This way, increases user retention and launches affordable marketing campaigns.

Q. What are the best games to play on

A. offers a wide range of games for its users. Gamers can explore various genres and themes. Here is a list of popular games on of multiple genres:

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Role Play GamesAdopt Me!, Genesis, Immortal: Reborn, Legend of Heroes: Eternal Arena, Looney Tunes World of Mayhem – Action RPG, etc. 

Adventure Games – Roblox, Tiny Pixel Knight – Idle RPG, Dungeon Survivor 2: Dark Tide, June’s Journey: Hidden Objects, etc.

Action Games – Super Sus, Animal Run, Vector, Pixel Gun 3D – Battle Royale, etc. 

Simulation Games – My Mini Town, Animal Jam, Zero City: Base-building Games, Golden hills: City Build Sim, etc. 


Mobile Cloud Technology is at a nascent stage. But the growth of this cloud technology is very rapid. is playing a significant role in bringing this rapid growth. It suffices the needs of both gamers and game developers. is effortlessly trying to turn someone’s imagination into reality. For gamers, their device’s compatibility issue is no longer a constraint. A lot of technological advancement is taking place in this fast-moving world. Cloud gaming is one of these advancements that are the gaming industry’s future.

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